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I love Playing Games!

Before anyone get's slightly confused with the above title, 'games' in this context actually refers to computer games :) I might I add, whilst I am an avid gamer (I have been for many many years!), I actually copied the above title from my (10 year old) sons whatsApp profile!

So, my initial reaction I'm sad to say was the (almost) typical parental hypocritical response, my thoughts racing to the "words" I'll have with him on what he should be "focusing on at this stage of his life" rather than just playing games! But, while rehearsing what to say to my son, it occured to me that it's very possible my son likes to the extent he does possibly due to the fact that as an adult I still enjoy gaming? Could it be that, even though I know and I'm aware 'kids' observe and imitate their parents, this was just a classic case of child imitating parent? Do you have any situation where you've unconsciously been doing something in the home and your kids have picked up (hopefully something nice!) on it without even realising?

(Apologies, I had got this far with my writing before realising I should have mentioned earlier on this might be more for parents)

Let me know if I'm the only one (or not!) in this case - Have a great day!


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